Adorned 2018 1Our display at the SNAG 2018 conference, the Adorned Spaces Salon


At SNAG conference 2018, ACJ showed selected works from their last five themed exhibitions as part of the conference’s Adorned Spaces. Other displays included work from local, national groups and other international organisations. Our work was very well received and sparked much interesting conversation.

The Board selected work from previous ACJ exhibitions, and the catalogues were available.

The makers chosen were:

Jane Adam, Dauvit Alexander, Lynne Bartlett, Chris Boland, Amanda Denison, Michelle Fernandez, Gill Forsbrook, Maria Hanson, Terry Hunt, Courtney Hyland, Christine Johnson, Ulli Kaiser, Emily Kidson, Katy Luxton, Jane Moore, Sarah Macrae, David Poston, Zoe Robertson, Rebecca Skeels, Eleanor Symms, Anne Walker, Maria Whetman & Anastasia Young

Here are some images from the display

Adorned 2018 2
Adorned 2018 3
Adorned 2018 4 Adorned 2018 5
Adorned 2018 6 Adorned 2018 7