Mark Fenn Award winner
The winner of the Mark Fenn Award 2019 is William Sharp


Image: Left to right - William Sharp, Terry Hunt, Sarah Burns, Anthony Wong

William Sharp, a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art was the winner of this year’s ACJ Mark Fenn award. The judging panel comprising of Sarah Burns manager of Gill Wing Jewellery, chair of the Association Terry Hunt, and Anthony Wong a director on the board, came to a shortlist initially answering the overall theme decided, that of Innovation and Sustainability.

William's final collection of modular interactive jewellery pieces answered the criteria specifically on many levels, taking inspiration from the German Designer Dieter Rams, and applying ‘The 10 Principles of Good Design’. William’s final collection exemplified amongst other qualities an innovative approach using CAD and 3D printing, a quiet Aesthetic, in the colour palette range chosen, and most importantly a concern for product sustainability with the pieces being built efficiently and responsibly using biodegradable PLA plastic.

Collaboration was a high priority for William, and his final work was created with the contribution of five other Glasgow based artists and designers, thus bridging any gaps between Fine Art and Design, the project culminated in a multi perspective viewpoint, covering photography, film, performance, interior jewellery and fine art.

To conclude, when viewing William's work we sense an overall reminder of something quiet from the past brought into the present of here and now, via a gentle considered journey.

The Award provides ACJ membership for one year and we thank Mark for his continued sponsorship.

To learn more about William please visit his website