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ACJ's 2019 Members' selling show will be hosted by Gill Wing Jewellery in London, 4 October - 6 November.

The theme is Tales of the Subconscious. 40 ACJ members will show work inspired by dreams and nightmares. Deadline for applications 1 August

Gill Wing Jewellery is a vibrant and exciting gallery in Upper Street, London.

Gill Wing will host the 2019 ACJ selling show this autumn, with up to 40 ACJ members showing 5 pieces each, in the front window and on plinths in the gallery.

The Call for Entries is now open, and the deadline is 1 August.

The theme is Tales of the subconscious
Exploring the magical world of the jeweller's subconscious.
Concepts that have come to you like a bolt from the blue, patterns in forgotten memories or dreamscapes which hold the key to your waking thoughts.
Challenges that reveal their solutions to you in the dead of night, ready to blossom into new designs by day. Your wildest ambitions made into reality. Creations you wondered could ever come to be.
Secret stories of the unconscious mind, an insight into an artist’s psyche, or exaggerations of your everyday anxieties.
We are keen to see work that is colourful, conceptual, mysterious or all of the above.

Costs: application is free. Selected participants will pay £40, which includes return postage.
Commission: the maker’s price is multiplied by 2.2 (to include VAT).
Pricing: retail prices from £200 to about £1,500, with a majority of lower priced pieces.
The work: a coherent collection of up to 5 pieces made within the last two years, linked to the theme.

Read the full terms & conditions here

Application form from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   for late entries see this application system

Gill Wing Jewellery 182 Upper Street, London N1 1RQ

Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm, Sunday 12noon - 6pm