Silke Espinet1The theme for the week 4 challenge was "Yellow". Create a collage from things around the house or make a piece of jewellery or post a picture of something you find inspiring. This challenge ran from 24 - 1 May. Here are some of the results.

Image: Silke Espinet, collage of some of her lockdown necessities - and more, found around the house




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Yellow Anne Walker Yellow Bekkie Ora2 Yellow Dawn Gear
Anne Walker Bekkie Ora Dawn Gear
Anne Earls Boylan Yellow Anne Earls Boylan2 Anne Earls Boylan3
Anne Earls Boylan Anne Earls Boylan Anne Earls Boylan
Kate Bajic Kathryn Arbon  Leonor Broide
Kate Bajic Kathryn Arbon Leonor Broide
 Yellow Letizia Maggio  Yellow Lynne Bartlett1  Yellow Lynne Bartlett2
Letizia Maggio  Lynne Bartlett  Lynne Bartlett 
 Yellow Sophie Martin Glinel  Yellow Rachel Herne1  Yellow Dawn Meaden Johnson
 Sophie Martin-Glinel  Rachel Hearne Dawn Meaden-Johnson 
 Yellow Catherine Marche  Yellow Helena Symes1  Yellow Roberta Pederzoli Quinta Essenza
 Catherine Marche Helena Symes  Roberta Pederzoli (Quinta Essenza Jewellery)

Yellow Melanie Eddy1Yellow Melanie Eddy2

Yellow Melanie Eddy3Yellow Melanie Eddy4

 Yellow Hannah Gilsenan1 2 Yellow Helena Symes 
 Melanie Eddy Hannah Gilsenan  Helena Symes 
 Yellow Irmgard Frauscher1 1Yellow Irmgard Frauscher3  Yellow Irmgard Frauscher2 Yellow Patrícia Harsány1 1 
 Irmgard Frauscher Irmgard Frauscher  Patrícia Harsány 
Yellow Tara Shunwan1 1 Yellow Rebecca Skeels  Yellow Rebecca Skeels2 
Tara Shunwan  Rebecca Skeels Rebecca Skeels 
Yellow Margaret Conroy    
Margaret Conroy