Lynne BartlettMake a piece of jewellery / adornment from foodstuffs. This could be fresh food, toast, dried food arrangements, whatever, but the piece should be edible afterwards to save food waste. This challenge ran from 1 - 8 May. Here are some of the results.

Image: Lynne Bartlett, Purple sprouting broccoli 'daisy chain' choker




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Food Anne Earls Boylan Food Jeanine van der Linde Food Samantha English
Anne Earls Boylan Jeanine van der Linde Samantha English
 Food Silke Espinet  Food Tata Karapetyan  Food Susannah Way1 1
 Silke Espinet  Tata Karapetyan  Susannah Way
 Food Helena Symes  Food Bekkie Ora  Food Rachel Hearne
Helena Symes  Bekkie Ora Cheeseman  Rachel Hearne
Food Wallace Regelous

Food Tara Shunwan1Food Tara Shunwan2

Food Tara Shunwan3Food Tara Shunwan4

Food Tara Shunwan5 2

Wallace Regelous

Tara Shunwan Tara Shunwan 
Food Roberta Pederzoli1 1 Food Irmgard Frauscher1Food Irmgard Frauscher2 Food Aleksandra Ivanova 
 Roberta Pederzoli Irmgard Frauscher Aleksandra Ivanova 
Food Jill Newbrook Food Leonor Broide  Food Margaret Conroy 
 Jill Newbrook  Leonor Broide Margaret Conroy 
Food Rebecca Skeels1 Food Vanessa Sharp Harriet Walford
Rebecca Skeels Vanessa Sharp Harriet Walford
Food Pura Márquez1 Food Pura Márquez2 Food Alba Hebe1 1 
Pura Márquez

Pura Márquez

Alba Hebe