Emotions Jo TerrellHow are you feeling right now? Make a piece to show your emotions. Use any materials you have to hand, these do not need to be traditional jewellery materials. This challenge ran from 8 - 15 May. Here are some of the results.

Image: Jo Terrell


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Emotions Jo Terrell Empty Vessel Emotions Lynne Bartlett Emotions Samantha English
Jo Terrell Lynne Bartlett Samantha English
 Emotions Patrícia Harsány2  Emotions Patrícia Harsány1  Emotions Tara Murphy
Patrícia Harsány (Quarantine Jewellery) Patrícia Harsány (Quarantine Jewellery) Tara Murphy
 Emotions Tara Shunwan1 1  Emotions Helena Symes  Emotions Dawn Meaden Johnson1
Tara Shunwan  Helena Symes Dawn Meaden-Johnson 
Emotions Irmgard Frauscher1 Emotions Irmgard Frauscher2   Emotions Bekkie Ora Cheeseman
 Irmgard Frauscher  Irmgard Frauscher  Bekkie Ora Cheeseman
Emotions Anne Earls Boylan  Emotions Amanda James1 2 Emotions Andrej Bartling 
Anne Earls Boylan  Amanda James Andrej Bartling