Terry Hunt congratulates Jane Adam

 This year's ACJ Origin Award was won by Jane Adam.



The panel were looking for excellence and freshness of work among mid-career makers exhibiting at Origin 2010.

Terry Hunt was delighted to present the prize as his first official duty as ACJ's new Chair.

Shortlisted for this prize:  Jan Hinchliffe McCutcheon; Jane Moore; Ruth Tomlinson; and Jessica Turrell.


Many ACJ members were showing at Origin, some for the first time.

Our thanks to the panel of judges who visited all the jewellers at the show: this year a larger task than ever. Origin was apparently setting well into its new location and schedule as a one-week concentrated event.

Terry Hunt wrote; "This year it was agreed the criterion would be ‘mid-career development’, in recognition of a significant section of jewellers who are no longer ‘recent graduates’ but have a proven track record. The judges had most interesting conversations with several shortlisted exhibitors, discovering a wide range of visible, and also unseen, developments to their practice.

For some these related to new materials or processes, for others a restructuring of business administration. We also heard details of re-alignment of marketing strategies and long term objectives.
The winner of the Award was Jane Adam, who showed significant, and successful, development across most of the above topics. She receives a prize of £100. There were four runners-up who each receive a year’s free ACJ membership: Jan Hinchliffe McCutcheon; Jane Moore; Ruth Tomlinson; and Jessica Turrell.
Congratulations to all winners and thank you for your commitment to our craft. "