Polly Horwich wins this year's ACJ Prize at Origin

This year's criteria : 'a maker with some experience who has developed their work in an interesting and innovative way, with innovative defined as innovation in design or technique.'     The panel considered all jewellers showing at Origin this year, not just ACJ members. Lady Marie Alexander generously donated the Prize of £100; her fellow judges were ACJ Directors Janet Fitch and Rebecca Skeels.

The winner Polly Horwich's new work was displayed alongside her previous body of work. For this new collection she is inspired by her previous life as an architect, including peoples' responses, feelings and use of the buildings around them, making structural shapes that include elements of fun and movement.

Michelle Griffiths   who displayed a collection of brooches alongside a couple of wall pieces, made from Silk and Japanese toothpicks. Rebecca Skeels commented "Michelle is inspired by the Japanese Shibori techniques creating some wonderfully sculptural  work. She is continually developing her work with changes in colour, scale and processes."      www.shibori.co.uk
Joanne Hayes Ward   has developed a new hex collection this year that is displayed alongside her previous collections. Rebecca's comments - "Joanne shows a great skill in using digital technologies in creative and appealing way. It's great to see someone combine these skills with traditional jewellery techniques without being predictable and keep a good aesthetic and warm appeal to their work."     www.johayes.com

There were two new makers noticed by the Panel for interesting work, but as new makers they were not eligible for the Prize. Both mixed materials in some new and innovative ways.


Jasmine Giles                  www.jasmingiles.co.uk
Julia Parry-Jones             www.juliaparryjones.co.uk