Ella Fearon Low Image 3 Yellow Brooch 2016 Low resCongratulations to Ella Fearon-Low and Kerstin Haigh who have been awarded the ACJ's 2019 Creative Development Award!

Image: Ella Fearon-Low, Yellow Brooch (2016) – Brass, silver, steel, hard wood, sea plastic, river stone, vintage pearl, Lucite (Photo: Jocelyn Low)

It was great to see such a wide selection of interesting and varied projects. After much deliberation, the Board decided to grant two awards.



Ella Fearon-Low will be attending The Advanced Jewellery Course with Zoe Arnold at Morley College where she hopes to start working on a collection of more narrative pieces which incorporate and draw from her huge collection of found and acquired objects. Drawing on Zoe’s expert knowledge, Ella hopes to apply newly learnt skills and techniques to her pieces.

Kerstin Haigh will be undertaking an intensive period of research to develop her project which studies bird behavior, mating rituals, beaks and the environment. From this, she will create sculptures and related jewellery. As part of this research, she plans to travel to the Farne Islands in spring, enabling her to observe and photograph several species of migrating birds.

We look forward to sharing more details about these events once they have completed their reports and videos, and hearing how they have helped develop their creative practice.

Image: Kerstin Haigh, RazorRazorbill locket Kerstin Haighbill locket made from enamelled silver with diamonds.