Birmingham talkThe ACJ held our 20th Annual General Meeting on 5th October 2017 at the School of Jewellery in Birmingham.

Our AGM was very well attended. After a brief formal meeting we enjoyed great talk – ACJ chair Terry Hunt was in conversation with Emily Kidson and the new Head of the School of Jewellery Stephen Bottomley. Vittoria Street Gallery manager Zoe Robertson then laid on a fabulous 20th birthday party!

A big thank you Emily, Stephen, Zoe and the staff at the School of Jewellery!


At the AGM ACJ Terry Hunt reflected on the past year. Here is a copy of his report:

This year, in which we celebrated our 20th anniversary, has been an active and pleasurably fulfilling one. The annual members’ exhibition was enhanced with old and new work from 20 prominent jewellers having a significant connection with the ACJ, creating 20:20 Visions. This is a uniquely rich and varied show which travels across England via five venues between January and December. 

In July we held a 3-day international conference, also titled 20:20 Visions, in Sheffield. This was the ACJ’s sixth conference – a most enjoyable occasion which received extremely positive responses from all participants: speakers and attendees.
Our annual exhibitions, and this year’s conference, are two of the ways the ACJ fulfil its undertaking to promote contemporary jewellery and increase awareness amongst collectors, curators, educators and the public. I would like to acknowledge the sponsorship we have received from the Goldsmiths Company which has enabled this year’s events to take place.

I’m very pleased to report, that in Haru Sakai, we have an excellent new administrator. She has settled into the part-time role extremely quickly and has displayed enthusiasm and efficiency.
There have been minor changes in directors this year: grateful thanks to Dr Chris Cursley for his contribution to the Board who has resigned and a warm welcome to Anastasia Young who has joined the Board.

Membership is currently 460 which includes 7 library members and the following corporates; all four UK Assay Offices, the National Association of Jewellers, HS Walsh, Cooksongold and Benchpeg. Overall, full membership numbers have shown a steady rise since 2014, though new graduate members have slightly declined each year. We remain grateful to Cooksongold, HS Walsh, Sutton Tools, Bellore, TH March and Clear Insurance, who all provide significant discounts to members.

The Association is pleased to continue its links with the following:

• New Designers; through our Mark Fenn Award
• Make Your Mark event; as an exhibitor
• Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Awards; as a Contributor
• National Skills Academy; as a Supporter
• Heritage Crafts Association; as an Affiliate Member
• Bishopsland; as a Supporter
• National Centre for Craft & Design, Sleaford; as an exhibition partner
• and the Society of Jewellery Historians, who we joined in a number of their activities in celebration of their 40th anniversary.

Our wide range of communication to, and for, our members continues. The e-bulletin, published by Haru, provides monthly news and updates for all members; Rebecca Skeels manages our Crafthaus site, our Twitter feed, our Facebook page, as well as the LinkedIn network. The editor of our six-monthly print magazine, Findings, Poppy Porter, is supported by an editorial team.

My thanks to all these, plus the other directors, as well as Tamizan Savill and Haru, who have given their time and energy throughout the year. Specifically, thanks are also due to those contributing to this year’s events – conference organisers Laura Bradshaw-Heap and Rachel Darbourne as well as the curators and their teams at the five exhibition venues.

Terry Hunt


Birmingham PV2

Terry at talk