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Terms & conditions:


The selected work will be needed from late July to late December 2015


The maker will send or deliver the work at their own cost


The participation fee for selected work is £75.00, or £60.00 for a student on a full time course or a graduate within one year of graduation date. This will be paid at the time of delivering work, and applies whether 1, 2 or 3 proposed pieces are selected


Sales: Exhibition pieces will be offered for sale at the Scottish Gallery, who reserve the right to reject work made to an insufficiently high standard. In this case the unshown pieces will be kept in reserve until the Plymouth venue.


Work sold at the Scottish Gallery will remain with the exhibition until the end of the Plymouth dates. Payment will be made at the end of the tour.


At the Brewhouse, a number of makers will be invited to supply up to five pieces of jewellery to be offered for sale separately; these will be pieces with lower price points and will not form part of the exhibition. Selection of makers and pieces will be at the discretion of ACJ and the Brewhouse. The Brewhouse will take 30% commission on sales, and payment will be made by the end of November.


The work will be insured by ACJ during transits, and by the galleries during exhibitions


The work will be returned by ACJ in mid - December by Special Delivery post, insured up to £2,500 for each parcel. More expensive parcels can be split, with the maker paying excess postage - ie the costs of extra parcels.


Applications should be made on the form provided - email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This form should be saved in .doc format with your name eg SmithA.doc  Application address is on the form.


Images : please take care to ensure your images are in the requested format.

Maximum 1Mb files - larger images will be rejected.

jpg format , 300 dpi resolution, with physical size 12cm on the longest side, minimum size 6cm shortest side.

If you are unsure, please ask a technically minded friend for help checking these specifications, as incorrect formats or size make our job much harder!


"Trade price" means the amount you will expect if the piece is sold. Relevant commissions will be calculated by ACJ when appropriate. The trade price will be used for insurance valuations.


You may propose one, two or three pieces. A group of two or three must be closely related, and all pieces must have a direct relevance to the theme Sleight of Hand. Your statement should explain this relevance (briefly!)