Lotus de WitThe third in the recent series of annual members' exhibitions was shown at the National Centre for Craft & Design

The ICONS theme inspired pieces for stars such as David Bowie, Elton John, Patti Smith, Tilda Swinton, Sir David Attenborough and Vivienne Westwood, and work based on design icons like the Anglepoise lamp, classic cars, religious icons and reliquaries and the Shard building. A dazzling array of techniques, styles and materials.

Image right, Lotus de Wit, wearable water filter for Sir David Attenborough


Elizabeth Campbell's pieces for Louise Bourgeois, in the caseThe selection panel of jewellery professionals were:

Professor Jack Cunningham, Head of the School of Jewellery BCU (Chair of Panel)

Jane Adam, distinguished jeweller and Crafts Council Trustee

Kath Libbert, gallerist

Laura Mabbutt, Exhibitions Officer at NCCD



image, left: Elizabeth Campbell, pieces for Louise Bourgeois, in the case



25 pieces were selected, with a wide range of materials including gemstones, titanium, silver, steel, gold, ceramic soldering block, enamels, electrical wiring, circuit board, textiles, resin, paper, polypropylene & other plastics, plenty of found objects, and even a water filter!

The criteria stipulated that the item must be wearable; however this concept was pushed to its boundaries.

A close relation to the theme 'jewellery for the famous & infamous, and pieces reflecting cultural & design icons' was essential, but as usual ACJ members made imaginative interpretations.

A print catalogue is available.