Sleight of Hand







Brewhouse, Burton upon Trent 1st - 28th September,
Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh 7th - 31st October,
Plymouth College of Art Gallery 16th November - 12th December

The last day of April saw the Panel convene at the School of Jewellery in Birmingham, kindly hosted and chaired by Gaynor Andrews, the Head of School. Professor Dorothy Hogg MBE came all the way from Edinburgh, Lesley Craze MBE travelled up from central London, and ACJ Development Manager Tamizan Savill arrived from Bristol to present the proposals and answer queries. Jeweller Johnny Rocket sent his choices and comments from his emporium in Greenwich, London, as he was not able to come for the day.

46 members had made proposals: up to three closely related pieces proposed, plus four images of previous work. These were compiled into a 95 page powerpoint, which detailed the parameters for selection, the brief, and details of the tour. The Panel then had a clear vision of the expectations for the show. Each maker had two pages: first the previous work to show quality of design & making in their practice, and a second page for the proposal/s – sketches, maquettes and some finished pieces. The presentation was viewed twice; the first mainly without comment for the Panel members to get an overview of the possible choices. During the second viewing each proposal was debated; where there was a difference of opinion the debate extended until a concensus was reached. Johnny’s choices and comments were fully represented.

The Panel spent plenty of time making their final selection of 29 makers, showing a total of 54 pieces. Materials range from plastics to gold (with a very few diamonds), via titanium, copper, silver, rubber, wood, enamel, newspaper and found objects. The makers range from some students, new graduates and makers with a few years’ experience to some who have been practising for over 30 years. There are two pieces from Australia and one from Austria, and a number from Scotland.

Susi Hines

This looks set fair to be a great and intriguing show! The tour starts at the Brewhouse, Burton upon Trent, in September, going to the Scottish Gallery in October, then to Plymouth College of Arts from mid November to mid December. We will publish a colour catalogue. Above: drawings from Susi Hines application.