This is the information needed for the ACJ 2018 selling show at New Ashgate Gallery. Paid-up members only. Please copy this into a WORD document (mac users, please do try!) and include photos. Yes, the formatting will look strange, but if all the info is there we can put it right! Send the whole lot to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by email.  Deadline midnight 3rd April.

ACJ 2018 Members’ Show at New Ashgate Gallery - application form            Deadline 3rd April 2018                                                     

You may expand each box and continue to a second page if needed.











Postal address


Address for return of work


Number of photos sent



I agree to ACJ’s published terms and conditions for this exhibition      Yes/ No   (delete as applicable)

Details of photos (maximum 10 photos, fewer if a group of pieces is shown on one image)

Image label

Title of piece/s

Materials & techniques

Description (pendant, ring)

Dimensions cm

Year made or hallmark date

Maker’s price *

eg BrownJ1

Eg Orbit series

Eg silver, acrylic, fold-formed

Eg 2 pairs earstuds

Eg 10 x 3 cm

Eg 2015

Eg £30 each pr


*Maker’s price is what you expect to receive if the piece is sold, in £ sterling / GBP, this is 50% of the retail price charged by NAG.

We need clear photos of one or more pieces on plain background, maximum 10 pieces shown, 10 images or fewer. Photos to be in jpg format ONLY, 300dpi with physical size of between 8cm & 15cm longest side, 400Kb max per photo.  Label each photo with your name, eg BrownJane1, BrownJane2 etc.  Unlabelled photos may get lost or wrongly attributed. With professional pics add the photo credit (eg BrownJane1 photo JSmith)

Save this form with your name eg BrownJane

Email this form & images to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                                        Deadline 3rd April, midnight