Deborah Beck Legacy Ring

Deborah Beck

Legacy Ring

Our planet is changing. There is no longer any doubt that human actions are the primary cause.

With our exploding population, transportation networks, agricultural methods, nuclear tests and energy production, our plastics and our cities, we have radically altered the chemical and biological composition of our land, air and water. We have damaged the planet so badly that we are entering a new epoch. The choice is ours whether we change things for the better or worse.

I collect plastic litter, mostly single-use bottles and bottle tops. I recycle this waste into a repurposed raw material which I cut and shape and set within metal structures directly influenced by the straight lines of human industries.

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 Deborah Beck Legacy Ring
Legacy Ring   Recycled single-use plastic, recycled silver   2.5 x 2cm
 Deborah Beck Legacy Brooch
Legacy Brooch   Recycled single-use plastic, recycled silver 3.5 x 7cm
 Deborah Beck Legacy Feature Neckpiece
Legacy Feature Neckpiece   Recycled single-use plastic, recycled silver   Feature 5cm x 7cm, chain 50cm
 Deborah Beck Legacy Feature Neckpiece detail
 Legacy Feature Neckpiece detail