Jessica Briggs    Please Recycle Me  neckpiece                             Jessica Briggs

Please Recycle Me    necklace


These companion neckpieces illustrate 1 – the bountiful world we must protect by addressing the climate emergency and 2 – the loss of our world if we do not.
Inspired by both garlands and mourning jewellery, the found text becomes profound in its jewellery context.
Recycling is an essential tool in our fight against global warming and other solutions must be found through innovation, knowledge and passion, in order to protect our environment.  

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 Jessica Briggs Knowledge necklace

Knowledge Innovation Passion      necklace   Found text, recycled steel bottle tops,steel wire     42 x 28cm    2020

The title comes from the text on the bottom pendant element

  Jessica Briggs    Please Recycle Me   necklace
Please recycle me    necklace   Found text, recycled steel bottle tops, steel wire    50.5 x 27.5cm     2020 
  Jessica Briggs 2 necklaces
Companion pieces 1 & 2