Terry Hunt Oblivion neckpiece (closed) Terry Hunt

Oblivion Neckpiece (closed)


In 1969, Richard Buckminster Fuller outlined his ‘Prospects for Humanity’ as either Utopia or Oblivion.
My two pieces, designed as wearable triptychs, offer reflections of these contrasting states.

Seen through rose-tinted windows, Utopia opens out for a panoramic view of a classic, unspoilt landscape.
Oblivion highlights the despoliation of the Earth by oil companies. The front-facing oil barrels open up to reveal the horrors of Hell as imagined 500 years ago by Hieronymus Bosch.

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 Terry Hunt    Utopia neckpiece (closed)
Utopia triptych    neckpiece      mixed fabrications    11 x 9cm (closed)        2020
 Terry Hunt    Utopia neckpiece (closed)
Utopia triptych    neckpiece     21 x 9cm (open)
Terry Hunt Oblivion neckpiece1 
Oblivion triptych    neckpiece      mixed fabrications     11 x 13cm (closed)    2020
 Terry Hunt Oblivion tryptych (open)
Oblivion triptych     21 x 13cm (open)