Faye Hall      Found 1 broochFaye Hall 

Found 1    brooch


My work is anchored to using sustainable materials, whether that is using offcuts, found materials, single use plastics, discarded material from other makers or natural based materials such as linoleum and tree resins.

I like to explore the surface contrasts of various elements and bring them together in harmonious ways through construction and embellishment, and to also be part of the transformation of under-celebrated or disregarded materials. As part of my eclectic selection of materials, I also like to take casts of intriguing things that I find, such as lumps of broken tarmac or rotting wood, so that I gain the intricate textures without the dirt or weight; these often provide me with areas to embellish or connect with others to create tactile and bold pieces of art jewellery.
This recent piece encompasses these principles, and also explores transparency through using glass. Using translucent materials is so interesting as the light and the surface it rests on can transform the aesthetic of the piece and add beautiful surface qualities.

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  Faye Hall    Found 1   brooch
Found 1   brooch          Found glass, powder coated brass, cotton, formica, linoleum, stainless steel     6.6 x 4.8 x 2.5cm    2020