Masako Hamaguchi neckpiece Masako Hamaguchi

A year of Jiro neckpiece


Making jewellery is an inherently unsustainable activity.  Production or even recycling of the materials require natural resources and energy, and rarely can work be made entirely from post-consumer items.  The very act of making, too, contributes to creation at best of waste and at worst, toxic substances.  What to do…

My piece is made from felted dog fur obtained directly from my Welsh corgi (a big shedder), which would otherwise have ended up in a landfill. It also incorporates the remains of toys that he has destroyed, and parts of my prototype for a chain that are reshaped and repurposed.

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Masako Hamaguchi  Jiro Necklace on model

A year of Jiro   neckpiece     Combed out dog fur, remnants of well played-with & destroyed dog toys, recycled old work (silver)     130cm long     2019     photo Peter Crush

Masako Hamaguchi Jiro neckpiece