Sophie Lowe Air2 BroochSophie Lowe

Air 2 brooch


These pieces comprise ‘containers for air’ in a wearable form. The containers are made from recycled, reformed teabags, which are relatively durable despite being ‘single use’ items of fragile appearance.
These pieces centre on the issue of pollution, particles and air quality, which continue to impact climate change; they point to a future that could find us wearing our emergency clean air supply as an accessory.

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Sophie Lowe Air1 neckpiece
Air 1    neckpiece    re-formed & recycled tea bag, PVA, bamboo, nylon monofilament, silk        25cm x 5 cm      2020
Sophie Lowe  Air1 Neckpiece model shot
Sophie Lowe  Air1 neckpiece
Sophie Lowe  Air2 Brooch
Air 2    brooch        silver, drawn with soldered component recycled, reformed teabag, PVA, paint      11 cm x 6 cm      2020