You use the ACJ website to update your details and to publish information about your work. Once logged in you can:

  • Access Member only content - this is mainly in the "Members" section - watch out for special ACJ deals
  • Update your login information: your name, email and password
  • Update your contact details. These are the details ACJ uses to administer your subscription and are not published.
  • Choose whether to show a Member Gallery page to the general public
  • Update your Member Gallery page
  • Use the new Member Only Forum 
  • Check your subscription status & renew subscriptions

Updating My Login

  • Choose "My Profile" on the user menu
  • Update the fields you wish to alter. Password is in "Edit your details/ contact info"
  • If you wish to alter your username please contact the ACJ administrator

Updating My Gallery

There are seven sections:

  • CONTACT INFO : The contact details in this tab ARE NOT VISIBLE to the general public.
    These are the details ACJ uses to administer your subscription. Use this tab to update change of address, email, telephone etc.
    Here you can also select your ACJ Region.
  • MAIN PICTURE : Here you can show a main image and select whether your Member Gallery page is visible to the general public. Use the field ""Show Profile: Yes/No" to select your option. If you do not select "Yes" your Member Gallery page will not be visible. We encourage you to upload either square or landscape image as it will suit the layout of the page best.  Please show a good photo of your work as the main image. Your logo or portrait can be in "more images", but the main one should be of jewellery. Please use the best images you have - clean background, clear view of the work.
  • Images should be no larger than 2000kb in size. We also recommend that uploaded images are not more than 500 pixels in the largest dimension.
  • PUBLISHED CONTACT DETAILS : Enter any contact details you want displayed publicly on your Member Gallery page.
  • PUBLISHED MEMBER NAME : This is the name that is visible to the general public if your profile is set to show. Use first & last name please, eg Sue Jones.
  • SUMMARY : This is your main profile copy and you can tell people a bit about you, your work, your inspirations etc.
  • EXHIBITIONS : Here you can enter copy about your exhibitions and events.
  • BIOGRAPHY : Here you can enter a brief biog about yourself and your work.
  • MORE IMAGES : Here you can upload up to three additional images

Your profile will be unpublished if your membership lapses.

In order to keep a coherent, clear and high quality site, your profile is subject to the moderators' decisions, and we reserve the right to edit, remove or unpublish member profiles.


Thank you for your payment! Please check for emails for confirmation.  

Findings63-cover.pngACJ celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2017. There is a lot of information on this site.

Back issues of our print magazine Findings may be seen here

The Vaults contain images and records of our exhibitions and events, plus an archive of jewellery articles.

Logged-in members can read the monthly e-bulletins with  news and opportunities, plus discount codes and other useful stuff.