In the wake of the most recent instances of racist attacks and police brutality both in the US and here in the UK and the resultant global civil rights movement, the jewellery industry is examining diversity and the systemic challenges facing jewellers of BAME backgrounds and black jewellers in particular.

The Board is discussing ways the ACJ can help to drive change in this respect and the ways in which we can be more proactive in our approach. As we are a membership organisation first and foremost, in addition to our discussions with other industry professionals and organisations, we are turning to you our members to seek guidance and support in our work.

Helena Symes1During the lockdown, ACJ kept members updated with industry news, and set weekly challenges to make jewellery, with an amazing array of responses.


See the collection of articles, and the resulting jewellery here

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Call for Entries: ACJ 2020 exhibition glasshouses      Deadline 31 July

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not for every man’s greed
- Ghandi

The most pressing issue of our modern world is that of the climate emergency. With a continually increasing population, diminishing resources and the uncomfortable warming of the planet we call home, we must respond.


Through an exploration of materials, processes and/or concepts you are invited to submit work for the 2020 ACJ exhibition glasshouses. You may wish to consider themes such as growth, sustainability, fragility and transparency.

The exhibition will be hosted by the Vittoria Street Gallery at the School of Jewellery in Birmingham, in September & October, subject to restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.
There will be an online catalogue, but no printed version. Makers’ own photos will be used.
You can use any materials, but we encourage you to incorporate sustainably sourced and recycled materials. The piece must be wearable body adornment.
This is not a selling exhibition.
ACJ’s usual high expectations of design and making will apply.

31 July Deadline for applications
31 August Selection announced
Mid September: online exibition begins

Costs: application is free. Selected participants will pay £25.00.

The work: a coherent collection of 1 to 3 pieces as a closely related set.

Good clear photos of finished work, on a plain white background.

Deadline 31st July 2020

Terms and conditions of participation

Parameters for submission:
• Clear photos of each piece proposed
• Related to the theme glasshouses
• The pieces must be wearable body adornment
• Maximum of 3 pieces
• A clear connection and relevance between the pieces in your proposed group
• High quality of design & making, as usual with ACJ exhibitions
• Any materials as long as they are not perishable or hazardous

Application procedure: by form and photos uploaded to a special Dropbox link (see the form). We need the best images you can supply, as these will be used in the online catalogue if they are good enough.
Write a short statement of no more than 2 paragraphs /100 words max, for use in publicity.

Photo rules:
• A maximum 4 clear photographs
• Only show your proposed pieces
• Plain white background, NO visible props (no stands, flowers, stones or other items)
• Clear focus, well lit, show the pieces clearly
• Model shots are acceptable IF they clearly show the piece better than a product-type shot.
• Keep to the format requested : jpg only, 300dpi, physical size between 8cm & 15cm longest side. Maximum file size 1Mb.
• Photographs MUST be labelled with your surname & initial, photo number and title of piece. Eg: BrownA 1 carapace ring.jpg
• Unlabelled photos will not be shown at selection

Application is free.
Selected participants will pay £25.

Covid-19 effect: we are not able to stage the physical exhibition due to the venue restrictions, as there will be no public access to the School of Jewellery for some time yet.

This exhibition is for ACJ members. Please make sure that your membership is up to date before applying.

Your application includes acceptance of these terms.

Please use the application form emailed to you with your e-bulletin.

If you haven't got the form and don't have time to ask by email, you can use this form, copy & paste into a word doc.

Marianthi MacDonaldWe are pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 ACJ College Prize scheme so far. Details of winners from other colleges to follow.



Image: Marianthi MacDonald, University of Dundee, Skewed perceptions brooch

Small Scale Silversmithing

Excellent technical manual from Frances Julie Whitelaw, the 5th Chair of ACJ

Small scale silversmithing techniques for jewellers