Myths 201511th March – 17th March 2015, Gallery Weltraum, Munich

A contemporary insight in precious Greece

Image: Sofia Zarari
Piece: The Prince of Fields, 2014
Photo by: Myrto Koutoulia



A sculptural, walk-in installation with works from thirteen visual artists, architects, designers and four guest stars that turn their daily experience in Greece into jewellery: family violence, mother's Alzheimers, unconditional love, negation of death, bankruptcy, androgynous sexuality, Charlie hebdo's impact on freedom of speech etc.

The Greek myth has been an enormous rich well to draw and in this show the artists present their Greek background as a focal point.

Exhibits make part of a sculptural, walk-in installation reminding viewers of a broken ancient Greek temple or a human-sized trap, a double symbol for the Greek crisis. Daily art performances inspired by contemporary Greek culture reflect on archaic uses of jewellery.