Kath Libbert Gallery

until 28th June 2015 

The 14th Annual Alternative Wedding Show at Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery at Salts Mill

Rings….The Changes. Subtly surprising, delicately different, demanding of a closer look and definitely not the norm! The focus for this year’s Annual Alternative Wedding Show taking place in Salts Mill is on Four Fabulous Jewellers whose work defies tradition: crisp corrugation in gold inspired by work in paper, furls of silver birch bark translate into the fluid curves of sculptural rings, hand cut lovingly sourced antique gems sparkle against rich matt 22ct gold, and for those who want to really buck tradition the Parody rings provide a welcome poke at the value placed on big rocks!

What is inside? "Paper? But… what if it rains?”  The ever-present concern of the British public with the wet weather is endearing to London based French jeweller Clara Breen, who plays with the notion of the contemporary keepsake by combining paper and precious metals in her pieces. One of her paper and fine silver rings was recently featured on BBC Radio 4 ‘Woman’s Hour’ it contained many significant memories within the paper layers sealed inside (a plane ticket, family photos) and became a much treasured engagement ring! From this work with silver and paper which is also strongly inspired by geological strata, Clara has crafted a new collection of corrugated gold rings sprinkled with diamonds to celebrate life's precious moments.

As a small child in Finland Hanna Tommola was taught by her grandfather how to work ‘Tuohi’, flexible silver birch bark, to create sustainable everyday items. Now working with precious metals as a jeweller based in Ireland, she still uses the techniques she learned at a young age to bring out the same soft and subtle qualities that these materials share. Her ‘Tuohi’ collection of elegant swirling rings celebrate the values learned from past generations - values from a time when handmade objects were made to last. Her collection also includes flamboyant ‘Fortuna’ Rings set with amazing outsize custom cut natural quartz stones. The name “Fortuna” comes from the goddess of fortune and personification of luck in Roman religion. She says “Who knows, perhaps these rings will bring a good fortune to the wearer!”

Deborah Cadby’s new Cadby and Co collection is a partnership with her father. His many years in dealing in the finest antique jewellery enables him to find the most beautiful old cut and antique diamonds and other precious gems. Deborah’s love for these stones has inspired her to create pieces reminiscent of ancient jewellery. Hand crafted with soft, smooth and tactile finishes, she uses 22ct gold for its rich warm colour and softness, and platinum for its elegant, steely subtlety. The antique stones have lustre and sparkle with a nature of their own that comes from each stone being cut by hand. Unusual dimensions, uneven facets and irregular shapes, rose cuts, early cushion cuts and antique round cuts are hard to find so each ring is completely individual and special.

Dutch designer Jeanne Marell makes minimalist jewellery with a twist from her studio in London. Her series of stacking ‘Parody’ rings, a contemporary take on the classic diamond engagement ring, are crafted in frosted golds and blackened silver having one highly polished surface drawing the eye to where the diamond would have been. Her other collection ‘Dovetail’, inspired by joinery techniques, marries silver, wood, Corian and gold in rings with perfectly executed dovetail joints, symbolising a union of opposites. Apart from jewellery, Jeanne is a successful product designer whose portfolio includes Cadillac and Hyundai interiors, Hewlett Packard, Nokia and Samsung.

Rings….The Changes also presents a sparkling array of new collections of wedding and engagement rings, tiaras, cufflinks and bridesmaid jewellery by a wide of range of renowned jewellers including Mirri Damer who has made wedding rings for Dawn French and Malcolm Morris who created the tiaras for Gwyneth Paltrow in Shakespeare in Love.

As always a personalised design service is a strong feature of this year’s Alternative Wedding Show, and Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery is addressing the current trend for working heirloom jewels into contemporary designs by specially featuring jewellers who will work to commission and create bespoke pieces for the gallery’s clients. www.kathlibbertjewellery.co.uk/