BJA Fairtrade Gold







The British Jewellers’ Association has combined forces with The Fairtrade Foundation, Hockley Mint and Clark Diamonds to further boost the Foundation’s, already highly successful ‘I Do’ campaign with a competition especially for designers wishing to work’ or already working’  in Fairtrade Gold.  

The competition is asking UK designers to create a matching wedding and engagement ring set featuring a 50pt round brilliant-cut lab certified, ethically-sourced diamond and up ½ a carat of small stones, all of which abide by the Kimberley Process regulations. The small stones can be split and used in any way the designer sees fit.

The winning designer will be required to work closely with the Birmingham manufacturer Hockley Mint to fabricate the rings in Fairtrade gold which will be gifted by the company.  The diamonds will be gifted by the award-winning, Birmingham diamond dealer Clark Diamonds.  
The winning design will go on exhibition on the BJA stand at International Jewellery London, which is celebrating its Diamond Jubilee Edition after 60 years in business. The winner will enjoy considerable prominence at IJL and in the trade press in the run up to the show.  There will also be an official presentation to them during the Fair of a Winner’s Certificate. Following IJL the ring will be used by The Fairtrade Foundation to help promote its ‘I Do Campaign ‘ and excellent work with the mining communities it works so hard to support.

The competition has been launched this week at The British Craft Trade Fair and entries will close on 1st June, 2015.  

The final piece will be fully-finished ready for pre-IJL publicity by 24th July, 2015.

To enter download the form