Goldsmiths' Centre
27th May - 26th June 2015







Amber, formed organically from fossilised pine resin, has been prized as a precious stone for thousands of years. It has shaped the rich culture and history of Latvia being exported from the Baltic as a valued component in jewellery and barter in Ancient Egypt, Assyria, Greece and the Roman Empire.

Today amber is still used as a valued component in jewellery, but it is also being transformed through new technologies into textiles as amber thread. This exhibition explores amber’s ancient history and historical importance through pieces of jewellery, textiles and its pre-historic fossilised inhabitant – the ant. The path of amber and the ant are intertwined, just as they were millions of years ago – the ant trapped in amber.

Set design for Amber – The Baltic Jewel has been created by internationally renowned designers Marite Mastina and Rolands Peterkops, known as MAREUNROLS. It is curated by Latvian jewellery designer Ivonna Popolanska in collaboration with Embassy of Latvia in the UK and design gallery PUTTI in Riga. This exhibition celebrates Latvian Presidency of the European Council in 2015.