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Jennifer Saker: Chipperfield Ring


Contemporary architecture and engineering influence the bold lines of Saker Jewellery. The ways in which people interact with the designed spaces they encounter day to day have always fascinated Jennifer Saker as a designer.

Through her jewellery she explores the wearer's interaction with architectural shapes but at the scale of the human body.

By scaling architectural forms to human proportions Jennifer balances striking, dominant lines with visual lightness and subtlety in her pieces.

Engineering principles are at the heart of Jennifer's approach to design and solving technical challenges thanks to the influence of her father, a professional engineer.

Jennifer was one of the first designers in the UK to use 'rapid prototyping' for creating pieces of jewellery. This process allows her to create pieces which would have been impossible with almost any other technique.

Jewellery from the Saker Collection makes a powerful statement about the wearer's individuality.

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Jennifer Saker: Farrell Bangle