Image above: Rose gold ring with sapphires

Orreries and scientific instruments have always pushed the makers’ art to the edge of the possible. They combine technical challenges with rich and difficult metaphor, which I find absolutely compelling. This current collection is built on spheres, because they have such prolific resonances in astronomy, music, alchemy and the history of mathematics.

I intend my work to engage from a distance as well as close up, by using movement and linkage that is combined with hidden facets which can only be discovered by the hand. I invariably work to commission and put strong emphasis on engaging with a client through drawing and model making. For me, making is not just a technical challenge, it is also an opportunity to draw on our personal and shared history to make small objects that have a large hinterland of ideas and associations.



18ct gold and black rhodium etched silver brooch with diamonds
18ct gold and silver earrings with sapphires and topaz