Sahar Saki











Sahar Saki graduated in BA Industrial Design, and since 2010 has been applying her knowledge and skills to jewellery design and craft. She has a good proficiency in different design styles. She sees her jewellery art pieces as design subjects and approaches them as a product designers does, inspired by the Minimalism movement and Bauhaus school design theme. The design elements used in her works are rectangular shapes and unadorned lines, geometric and pure forms. She uses cavity as an element in design rather than unoccupied space. Even the use of gems is mainly in order to make composition and establish harmony in art pieces. She usually uses silver and she goes beyond ornament and makes her designs minimal and pure using fundamental methods such as folding, sheet method and rolling, being minimalist and at the same time having a smooth surprising moment.

She has participated in more than 25 solo and group exhibitions in jewellery since 2010. She was awarded UNESCO Award of Excellence for Handicraft in 2012 for one of her works.