Anne Morgan

Selected from a short list of prestigious jewellers, Anne Morgan designed and made the 2012 Vale of Glamorgan National Eisteddfod Crown.

Anne explained the inspiration for the design and creation of the crown, “The design was long thought of and many trips combing the beach for other projects led me to look at the landscape in a different way. The asymmetry of the design has been drawn from the Coastline of the Vale of Glamorgan, specifically Dunraven Bay. For me the Vale is synonymous with beaches and fantastic coastlines. Looking at the fantastic qualities of nature and the historical value of these places and the layers of rock and the weathering textures inspired the design. I wanted the crown to represent exactly what I love about the Vale.”

The silver Crown is asymmetrical, like the land around the Vale’s beaches, and this is a dramatic element of the design. Anne Morgan used reticulation on the Crown, creating a special texture on the metal. She then combined this technique with matt silver, creating a texture similar to the sea’s erosion on objects such as glass and pebbles.