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Irmgard Frauscher

Irmgard Frauscher
Award Winning Jewellery Designer Irmgard Frauscher creates stunning Jewellery with special emphasis on Necklaces.
Her Designs are inspired by cities, nature and all that defines them. From the simple geometric angular to the complex architectural. And by nature from the organic natural soft flowing shapes, to the intricate structures and the way that they interact.
She often incorporates both these aspects in her work to achieve and create her designs.
Every part of her jewellery is custom made for that specific piece.
Special care is given to ergonomics and the wear-ability of the pieces to achieve the desired effect.

She trained as a Goldsmith in Austria and continued her studies in Metalwork and Jewellery Design in London. She now works from her studio in Kent.

Precious Kent, Pie Factory, Margate
28 - 30 November

Icons Exhibition
17 May - 27 July

Hallmark, Somerset House, London
24 - 28 June


Goldsmiths' Fair, Goldsmiths Hall, London
23 - 29 September

Goldsmiths Pavilion, Somerset House, London
26 - 29 June

"Fresh" Billcliff Gallery, Glasgow
13 April - 21 May

Goldsmiths' Hall, Craftsmenship & Design Awards Exhibition
5 - 8 March

Goldsmith Centre, London
8 January - 22 February
Image 1
Squared - Necklace
Image 2
Iteration - Necklace
Image 3
Tubefan - Necklace