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Katy Luxton Jewellery

Katy Luxton
Trained as a traditional jeweller, Katy Luxton creates vibrant silver and nylon jewellery. She takes her inspiration from mathematical models, geometric shapes and the interwoven curves, circles and figures produced by a Spirograph toy – the moment when a line becomes a form.

Using simple but expressive lines, Katy employs hand techniques and new technology – such as 3D printing – to create tactile, playful, wearable jewellery. Experimenting with 3D printing and the possibilitiesof new shapes, she found a new exciting material to work with: Nylon. Each piece is dyed by hand in her kitchen. The choice of colours is fascinating, as is the intensity that can be achieved, and the moment when the piece is lifted from the dye bath and rinsed is always thrilling for her.

Excited by the potential of new technology, Katy nevertheless continues to be amazed by the skills that early jewellers demonstrated, despite such limited tools, and enjoys being immersed in the act of creating with her hands. These two opposing elements flow from the same inspiration, and her collections see them brought together. From the simple line of a silver ring to more complex repeating forms, a common thread can be found.

Katy also works to commission creating beautiful wedding and engagement rings. These are made with the same attention to detail and aesthetic as her collections. Katy uses recycled precious metal to reduce the impact upon the environment and is able to redesign or use gemstones from special family heirlooms.

Katy designs and produces her jewellery from her home studio in Cornwall. Her work is for sale through and Katy exhibits regularly at fairs and events.
Image 1
Vortex chain necklace
Image 2
Vortex Bangles Reds
Image 3
Loop d Loop ring set