heist jewellery

Anne Walker
A First class honours graduate from Glasgow Kelvin college (validated by University of Dundee), I stumbled into jewellery following 20 years in the construction industry as a Senior Architect. Redundancy, recession and an unhealthy interest in CAD and 3D technology, lead me down a different path. I went on to gain a Postgraduate Teaching qualification at the University of Stirling in Further Education, volunteered in Further Education, taught CAD to other jewellers for a while nd have since retrained as a secondary school Design and Technology Teacher. I know!

I am all about design, I love narrative jewellery and cannot live without my sketchbooks and I like passing knowledge on.
20:20 Visions Exhibition 2017
2019-2020 Connections Connessioni
Image 1
'Woodcutter Orbs' silver cages of branches and the stones are the breadcrumbs from Hansel and Gretel reference
Image 2
'Happley' Ever After silver pendants - the apple shape inspired by Snow White and the fairytale connections
Image 3
Ruby Cyanide ring - silver and faceted, spherical ruby. in ancient times rubies were seen as an antidote to poison. (apple pips from Snow White reference)