Clare Pennells

Clare Pennells

According to some people death is seen as a “Universal Phenomenon” and when it comes to us it is final. But it is our memories that keep our loved ones within our hearts and to feel like they are still close by. It is how our culture tends to hide away from the topic where I think it should be understood better.

Cremation is meant to represent:-

“The destruction of the whole, producing a remainder that could maintain or hold some notion of a whole person.”

It therefore creates a symbol, the ashes hold a meaning, a memory of the deceased. My work encompasses the need to hold onto loved ones memories.

The reason for choosing such a topic to research and develop a line of work was because it had personal meaning to me since my dad passed away in 2013. Where his ashes were meant to be scattered but I could not bear the thought to let go.
Therefore I wanted to create a vessel that could hold his ashes or even to incorporate them with the making of the pieces. As well as making something that could hold other significant memories.

“For those who outlive a loved one, body and object relics that remain are significant memory traces and offer a point of connections with the absent body of the deceased.”
Margaret Gibson 2008
Image 1
Reliquary Pods hanging from structure
Image 2
Peliquary Pod with Box
Image 3
Reliquary Pod Necklaces