Anna Harding

Anna Harding
I am a maker of contemporary handmade jewellery who enjoys working in delicate silver wire and resin. Newest work involves a combination of moulded and free-form resin processes. Using multiple layering techniques I suspend tiny silver elements, freshwater pearls and delicate filigree style elements made from resin.
Many of the techniques I use were discovered while experimenting and testing the possibilities of these materials. It is important to me to find processes which allow for improvisation and spontaneity. I like working with wire because I can use my fingers to shape it - directly transferring the energy that motivates me into the metal. It feels like drawing, the wire is soft & responsive - it can be precise, instant and sensitive.
I love the smoothness and the possibilities for altering the colour, form and opacity of resin. I have enjoyed its free-form properties - the way it can be manipulated before it sets to create one-off formations. I was interested in how I could capture the movement of colour through the resin and keep the patterns which formed as I combined colours.
Emotions inspire my work, the creative process feels quite personal and I tend to introspect while I'm making. I aim to capture mood and am drawn to colours and textures which support this mood. I tend to work tonally using quiet colour combinations and subtle changes in texture. Ideas are formed around observations of the landscape and the ways in which it can mirror or influence emotion

I am an Associate Member of The Devon Guild of Craftsmen. With a nationally respected reputation, the Guild promotes South West makers with the highest standards of craftsmanship and design.