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Lydia Niziblian

Lydia Niziblian
Lydia Niziblian Jewellery
First Floor
3 Bishops Road
CF14 1LT
My designs feature a range of textures, patinas and finishes - often exploring the concepts of weathering, ageing and wear.
These pieces are brought to life with colourful cabochons, natural crystals, mineral specimens and interesting found objects.
Being autistic means my jewellery reflects my unique sensory relationship with the world. Pieces are very tactile, and intended to feel as interesting as they look.
Each piece is made with the intention of inspiring the happy feeling of found treasure.
Shape of Words
Oriel Bevan Jones Gallery
Since 2009, I’ve been an independent jewellery designer/maker, working in Cardiff, my hometown.
In 2019, I moved to my current studio in the heart of Whitchurch Village in North Cardiff.

I use gold and silver and traditional methods to create my jewellery. Gemstones are carefully sourced, and as much metal as possible is recycled.
My inspiration often comes from the materials themselves; taking cues from the forms of the stones, minerals and metals I use. I enjoy exploring contrasts in materials, colours and textures.

I am autistic; part of which makes my sensory relationship with the world unusual.It informs my love of including sensory aspects to my jewellery. and also gives me an incredible ability to hyperfocus, which can be very useful.

Each piece of jewellery I make is made with the intention of inspiring the happy feeling of found treasure.
Image 1
Molten ring: silver, 18ct gold, chrysoberyl (all materials recycled)
Image 2
Molten Ring: Amethyst, silver
Image 3
Wrap ring: silver, 18ct gold, diamond