Emily Jane Designer/Maker

Emily Deacon
The current body of work explores the contrast between urban and natural aesthetics. For this reason Emily takes inspiration from architectural structures, natural structures, flora and biology. These sources are used throughout the pieces as shape, form and pattern. The main patterns used are leaf veins, bubbles and finger prints that are etched into wood. This is then contrasted with much more urban and geometric shapes cut out of the metal to create architectural frameworks. These frameworks then get bent by hand into organic, flowing forms. Each and every element of this is used in varying degrees to create more or less contrast within the piece and to highlight specific details.
The materials used also express the contrast between the two aesthetics. The aluminium and silver appear very cold and industrial against the soft warmth of the wood. Emily chooses to predominantly work with the wood and aluminium, not only for the aesthetic qualities, but for the design issues they create. As aluminium can’t be soldered cold fixing techniques must be used instead. Though there are many ways different ways of cold fixing she chooses to use a slotting technique. This integrates the materials in a much better way than say riveting. It also means that very little, if any glue is needed to make sure the pieces are secure. Having the little bits of metal show through the wood heightens the contrast between the materials and balances out the ratio of wood to metal.
Each piece in the collection has been cut and formed by hand. Though this takes a lot of time it ensures that each and every piece is unique. This is due to the slight imperfections and how they enhance the natural and organic qualities the pieces have; it brings them to life.
I studied 3D Design: Contemporary Jewellery and Fashion Accessory at Staffordshire University for three years, where through lots of experimenting I worked my way into finding my design style.

Now that I have graduated, I am focusing on expanding my work and continuing to make as much as possible.
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