Louise Gillett
Designer and Maker (Lou Gillett)
Contemporary Silver Jewellery
I have been designing and making silver jewellery for over 20 years and based on the north coast of Northern Ireland.

My passion designing and creating unique pieces has been very much a journey of exploration. As a qualified architect, I have experienced design and delivery on a much larger scale. An attraction of silversmithery is that it translates from paper to piece within days and weeks, rather than years.

I am constantly inspired by shapes/forms and relationships between objects. I love to play with what is both a solid and malleable form of material and experiment with the boundaries of what it can do. A lot of my work through the traditional process of lost wax casting offers me this expression from the versatility of cast silver.

In 2015 I set up my website This became the start of much wider exposure and new collaborations and subsequently work was displayed in several magazines including Brides, GQ and VOGUE UK. I have been involved in exhibitions and fashion shows, collaborating with several fashion designers/stylists from across the UK and Ireland.

My webstore launches in March 2018 with a planned solo exhibition and launch event later this year. I have future aspirations to move into larger scale pieces and combining silver with other materials.

I thoroughly enjoy every moment I spend at the work bench or sketching a new idea and even better, trying pieces out.
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