Rebecca Oldfield

Rebecca Oldfield
Rebecca is a Cardiff based contemporary jeweller and a recent graduate from the Cardiff School of Art and Design Ba (Hons) (Artist, Designer: Maker).

To create her pieces, Rebecca amalgamates traditional and modern techniques; fusing metalwork, handicraft, computer aided design and digital production techniques.

Rebecca is predominantly inspired by the materials themselves, enjoying material exploration and experimenting with processes. Yet styles and trends from the past, forms of architectural skylines and industrial structures, intricate and kinetic mechanisms and found organic objects often appear in her pieces.

Rebecca’s works are mostly made with polished or oxidised silver and are either kept smooth or are textured, by means of milling or reticulation. Rebecca embellishes her pieces with either crushed crystals, faceted gemstones or non-precious materials. The handcrafted element to Rebecca’s work ensures that no two pieces are ever identical. Rebecca recycles materials where possible by means of casting and granulation methods.
Jane Phillips Graduate Awards – Mission Gallery, Swansea 2018

New Designers 2018

Cardiff School of Art and Design Summer Degree Show 2018

Gesamkunstwerk Bowl Exhibition at CSAD 2017

British Arts Medal at Craft in The Bay 2017

Cardiff Metropolitan Community Garden Competition Winner 2017

Golborne Community Project & Studentship Award 2014

Victoria and Albert Museum Inspired By Awards 2014
Image 1
Rebecca Oldfield Cluster Ring Collection
Image 2
Rebecca Oldfield Pearl Pendant
Image 3
Rebecca Oldfield 4D Daffodil