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Rachael Plassard

Rachael Plassard
My work reinterprets traditional ornament, taking inspiration from highly decorative styles throughout history. Within this I weave personal narratives and symbolism, allowing my discoveries and reflections to inform my decorative approach.

I often work intuitively, marking out and piercing by hand, allowing myself to be absorbed in the flow of making. I take a maximalist approach to my work by layering up decorative surfaces and combining a mixture of techniques, etching, roller printing, keum boo, gold plating and oxidising. These combinations result in a richness and opulence, and what at first glance might look like a Greek headdress, or a baroque frame, on closer inspection is imbued with a contemporary aesthetic.

It is only at the end that the piece comes to life, when I lift, twist, and form the metal, a delightful and satisfying process of experimentation and discovery.
Image 1
Faded Brooch
Image 2
Faded Acanthus Necklace
Image 3
Frame Brooch