Meron Wolde

Meron Wolde
Cockpit Arts Studios - London
Jewellery designer and silversmith - Meron Wolde - combines dramatic texture and contours with elaborate form working in recycled silver and gold following an environmentally friendly studio practice.
Meron Wolde - Swedish-born Eritrean metal artist and bespoke jewellery designer.
Recipient of the Arts Society Award 2018.
Meron has gained invaluable silversmithing techniques with an efficient and sustainable studio practice from working with her uncle in his Goldsmith workshop in Asmara, Eritrea. Sustainability is reflected in her work and process, following an environmentally friendly studio practice and focused on using recycled silver and gold.

Her work is influenced by her experience working with ethnographic artefacts as a silversmith working with ancient adornments and ornaments from cultures all over the world. Repairing and repurposing metal work and using traditional and non-traditional small objects of curiosities to implement her work. Working with simple lines crafting one-off and limited edition statement pieces. Following simple rules finding a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Constantly allowing the pieces to be transformed as they are worn in alternative ways.

All work is made in a sustainable ethical studio working with ethically sourced materials.
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Elevated ring collection
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Stacking neck rings
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In C- minor