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Charlotte E Padgham

Charlotte Padgham
The coalescence of art and science, interaction and chance, order and chaos underpins my work. With an emphasis on experimentation and process themes of transition, manipulation, ephemerality and 'imperfection' are explored using found objects, waste material and organic matter, fused with precious and semi-precious elements. I have a fascination with texture, degradation and decay and in the traces and residues left behind often using my body as tool and material to explore the transference, intervention and preservation of the self; bodily presence in absence of the body.

I use sustainable and responsibly sourced, recycled, biodegradable and reclaimed materials in my work and packaging. Circular economy principles are an integral part of my practice. I am constantly seeking out alternative non-toxic and resource-efficient processes, and developing ways to reuse and incorporate waste materials produced in making work to create new work.
I strive to maintain a more ethical, environmentally responsible and sustainable practice.
Image 1
SKINS Collection
Image 2
SKINS Collection
Image 3
OOAK pieces made from aluminium recovered from a burnt out car