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Eleanor Watson

Eleanor Watson
Rainbow Glass Studios Unit 6
172C Stoke Newington Church Street
London N16 0JL
I am a jeweller working in mixed media to create bespoke narrative jewellery. I enjoy designing from personal stories, found objects or choosing elements that combine to create meaning for the wearer like a 3D visual poem. Often I write poetry as a companion piece to my jewellery, sometimes it is the poem itself that sparks the jewellery. I am available for commissions.
I make my own themed collections too inspired by my environment and nature. I am especially fond of decaying buildings, peeling paintwork and the lichens and mosses that colonise these abandoned places.
My main image is my most recent brooch, inspired by the cycle of decay where water plays a role in both preserving and in rotting wood. This piece includes: kiln enamel on silver, bog wood, rutile quartz and a rose cut sapphire in silver and brass settings.
Image 1
Midwinter crow drops down on his own shadow : Haiku inspired pendant Eleanor Watson (c) 2022
Image 2
Medal for Margaret Graham (First female British Aeronaut) Eleanor Watson (c) 2020
Image 3
Kinetic Brooch "Palimpsest" Eleanor Watson (c) 2020