Dufie Sakyiama

Hannah Dufie Sakyiama
My work a narrative of personal life’s endurance and resourcefulness through the representation of beauty. It combines the glory of God and my adversities to reflect my gratitude to life I draw from two sides; my traditional identity and my innermost being of thoughts and perception to tell a story of outlasted difficulties and the beauty of the growth that comes with it.
Through arts and crafts, I capture the relationship between the edifices of life: growth; resilience; and beauty. These are symbolized through representations of the spider, the web and the butterfly. The spider refers to the god, Anansi, who is revered in my hometown of Akan, in the Ashanti region of Ghana. Whereas, the butterfly appears as a symbol of resilience over life’s failures, an additional perspective on life to that of the spider.
‘AYA’, which is also called “fern” is a traditional adinkra symbol of endurance and resourcefulness also revered in my hometown. This symbol sums up and adds a conversational tone to attain the sole voice of a self-portrait of perseverance, love, and charm.
I incorporate textiles in relationship to metal jewelry to narrate life’s peregrination, exploration, fulfillment, and grace, symbolizing the journey of life. The dichotomy of these materials, one is hard, one is soft; one moves, the other is stationary, embodies the paradoxes one encounters. The emphasis, besides the above mentioned, my works interpret the beauty of the wearer to the audience, to establish a perception that reflects the assets of resilience, success, determination and resourcefulness..
Image 1
Necklace ‘My fairytale’ 2018 Copper, brass, bronze
Image 2
Brooch ‘The butterfly counts not on the ugly and awkward cocoon adventure, but blooms gracefully with love’ 2018 Copper, brass, bronze, acrylic, resin, wood
Image 3
Necklace ‘Accepted versatility’ 2020 Copper wires, brass, screen print fabric, yarn