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Wilde Works

Kim Allwright
With a background in languages and a long career in translation, Kim transitioned to jewellery-making mostly through self-study and experimentation, eventually designing and making full time under the name Wilde Works.

Kim creates intuitively, combining influences from her environment with minimalist design, often highlighting socio-political and global issues through the visual language of jewellery. She works mainly in Sterling silver, adding to the narrative with colourful precious and non-precious materials. Using traditional jewellery-making skills and modern techniques, she instinctively contrasts calm and playfulness with the turbulence and chaos of modern times. To her, jewellery is as much a voyage of discovery for the maker as it is for the wearer.

Kim is dedicated to supporting the environment through her small business.
Image 1
Rings of Saturn Studs
Image 2
Eclipse Brooch
Image 3
Rings of Saturn Pendant