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David J Lilly

David Lilly
46 Drum Barn
Applesham Farm
Coombes Road
West Sussex
BN15 0RP
Elegant, Eccentric, Exquisite. Award winning fine jewellery inspired by the Mid-century Modern and Brutalist aesthetics of the 20th century.
Arte y Joya 2022 - Online
Emotions 2022 - Onlune and Pubication
I am colour-blind, from birth. Born into a time and place where colour-blindness was considered a limiting factor, I was actively discouraged at school from taking up an artistic career. My most lasting memory of being exposed to mind-boggling art (as a teenager) was Coventry Cathedral and it was from there that my love of coloured glass was born.

At the turn of the 21st century I found myself with free time and went on a stained- glass course. This lead on to five years of fun and gaining recognition for my skills; now twenty years later I continue to run a successful creative business based near Brighton; with clients in the UK, Sweden, Australia, USA and France.

My jewellery making started with doodles in journals, and fold-forming copper that matched my personal aesthetic akin to the Mid-Century Modern.

I used to have a great-uncle (he lived in India) who gave me a small plastic pot of rough diamonds, rubies and sapphires. I am an Instagram junky and follow a few gem cutters, one of whom runs workshops, so now most of the gemstones you see in my jewellery have been created by my own hands. Polishing rough gems is amazing and provides even greater freedom to create. FYI I’ve never touched those gems in the plastic pot, though I do get them out now and again and wonder whether I should.
Image 1
Three Amethyst Ottogano Ring
Image 2
Chocolate Sapphire Menhir Square Ring
Image 3
Amethyst Darricarrere Ring