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Shona Brett

Shona Brett
Bristol, UK.
Shona Brett is a contemporary jeweller exploring themes of mental health and identity. The work comments on her own experiences with mental health struggles and how it has impacted her identity. Her work examines the relationship between adornment, the body and the mind through the use of materials, forms and wearability. Using materials such as paper, textiles, beads and metals as her focus, Brett favours slow and thoughtful craft, making the process just as important as the final outcome. Brett's work often has a clean and monochrome first impression, with the aim of deeper inspection revealing a disruption, reflecting on her own impressions of herself, her emotions and psychology. Contemporary jewellery being the chosen vehicle of her themes reflects the belief that our psychology is something we have no choice but to carry with us and wear for everyone else to see, however we choose to show this, not unlike adornment and jewellery. Making pieces that are impossible to remove, or that are impractical and uncomfortable to wear are often methods that Brett uses to communicate these themes.
Royal West of England Academy - 170th Annual Open Exhibition - 2023.
Shona Brett is a contemporary jeweller and maker based in Bristol, UK. She studied a foundation degree in Design and Materials in 2022 at the Bristol School of Art, and then proceeded to complete a BA Top Up in Fine Art in 2023. Working as a Junior Goldsmith and working on her own practice, Brett is interested in using un-traditional materials such as paper to create sculptural forms.
Image 1
'50x', 2023. Paper, glass beads, waxed cotton cord.
Image 2
Heartbeat Pin.
Image 3
'Weight', 2022. Cotton, steel nuts, thread.