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The Justified Sinner

Dauvit Alexander
Jeweller of thirty years' experience, working in found objects and materials - especially corroded iron and steel - as well as traditional jewellery materials.
Online galleries:
2008 – Carrotbox, Jewellery Website, feature
2008 – Etsy, featured artist
2009 – V&A “Find, Make, Wear”, curated by Dorothy Hogg
2009 – HCJ Project, Jewellery Website, featured artist
2009 – ACJ Website, featured artist
2010 – Mar del Color Rosa, Jewellery Website, featured artist
2010 – Crafthaus, Craft Website featured artist
2010 – Etsy, featured artist
2010 – Front Page Artist, SNAG Website
2011 – Beads–Perles, Jewellery Website, Interview
2011 –, Jewellery Website, Interview
2012 – Crafthaus, Craft Website, Featured artist
2013 – KOJewel, Jewellery Website, Featured artist
2014 - “#supbrooch” - One Wall Gallery Website, Featured artist

Solo and Group Exhibitions:
1992 –1999 – Various PLE exhibitions around Europe
1999 – “Self–Defence In The Year 2000” - Connect Gallery, Glasgow
2005 – North Glasgow College Show, Tron Theatre, Glasgow
2009 – ACJ Scotland, Winter Show, WASPS Gallery, Dundee
2010 – Goldsmiths' Hall, Craft and Design Awards, London
2010 – ACJ Show, "Treasure" - London Jewellery Week
2010 – “Re:Collect” - Llantarnam Grange, Cwmbran, Wales
2011 – Landfill Art Project, Pennsylvania, USA
2011 – “Beneath The Skin” - Sheffield Institute of Arts, Sheffield
2011 – “Treasure” - London Jewellery Week
2011 – “The Kiss: Works inspired by The Cure” - Green Lion Gallery, Grand Rapids, USA
2012 – Solo show, Llantanam Grange, Cwmbran, Wales
2012 – Group show as part of North Glasgow College, Halifax, Canada
2012 – “Gothic Jewelry, Sinister Pleasures” - SOFA, Chicago, SNAG Exhibition; curated Valerie Steele
2012 – , “Gothic Jewelry, Sinister Pleasures” - Metals Museum, Tennessee, SNAG Exhibition; curated Valerie Steele
2013 – “Ferrous” - Velvet Da Vinci, San Francisco; curated Mike Holmes, Elizabeth Shypert and Brigitte Martin
2013 - “I Am Iron Man” - Solo show, Ayse Jewellery Gallery, Istabul, Turkey
2013 - “Chain” - group show at A CASA Museum of Brazilian Object, São Paulo, Brazil
2013 - “Earrings Galore” - Heidi Lowe Gallery, Delaware, USA
2013 – “Typography” – Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, England; curated Rachael Noone
2013 – “Darkness Descends” – Cursley and Bond Gallery, Folkestone, England
2013-14 “Enough Violence: Artists Speak Out” – Society For Contemporary Crafts, Pittsburgh; curated by Kate Lydon; collaborative work with Simon Murphy, Photographer
2014 - “#supbrooch” - One Wall Gallery; curated by Cortland DeWitt and Sharon Massey
2014 - “Field Of Dreams” - Cursley & Bond Gallery, curated by Nicola Cursley
2014 – “ICONS” exhibition, National Centre for Craft and Design, Curated by Jack Cunningham and Joanna Haywood
2014 – “Handmade By Machines” - The Lighthouse, Glasgow, Curated Karen Dicken

Additional Showcases:
Stylist and accessories for Ten30 clothing look-book, Glasgow, 2013
Accessories for Judy R. Clark couture look-book, Edinburgh, 2014; Milan Fashion Week, 2014
Stylist and accessories for Siobhan Mackenzie couture look-book, Glasgow 2014
Having no formal training in metalwork or jewellery, Dauvit Alexander - who is also known as The Justified Sinner - is largely self-taught, chance leading him from the chosen path of landscape gardening and into the world of contemporary jewellery. Over the last thirty years, he has been developing his skills and it is only in the last few of those years that he has felt that his works are worthy of presentation to the public.

Dauvit grew up in the dying industrial heartland of the Central Belt of Scotland and watched the steelworks and shipyards breathe their last, the monuments to industry torn down, the cities, towns and cultures laid waste. It is from this destruction that his work grows: objects found in dereliction, bolts from rusted tractors, crushed lobster-pots, 300 sewing-machine needles from an abandoned sweatshop, a corroded spanner, the petrol cap from a 1950s truck... all of these have found their way into his recent work. Rescued, reworked, he uses these humble relics of the industrial past in conjunction with precious metals and stones and the techniques of fine jewellery to create objects which playfully evoke the idea of "nostalgia" whilst being fully up-to-date.
Image 1
(It's The Time) Of April Snows - Post-apocalyptic cocktail ring made from found, corroded iron; sterling and fine silver; 67 carat amethyst; tourmaline crystals; zircons; spinels; tsavorite garnets.
Image 2
Fashion:Victim - In Memoriam Alexander McQueen - Pair of steel and silver handbags made for the ACJ "ICONS" show.
Image 3
File Bracelet - Made from a discarded metal file and a small iron spanner; sterling silver and spinels.