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Abigail Stradling

Abigail Davies
28 Stottingway Street
Abigail Stradling is a contemporary designer jeweller who lives and works in Salisbury, UK.

Abigail’s signature glass jewellery combines hand blown hollow forms and lamp working with precious metals, creating work that is truly unique. The distinctive Time series encapsulates natural materials sourced from locations evoking a sense of place, time and memory. Her second collection explores the concept of Symbiosis through the relationship between two materials- glass and silver.

Since graduating from the prestigious School of Jewellery, Birmingham in 2006, Abigail developed her work as a resident jeweller at the Australian National University. She has exhibited throughout the UK and internationally, winning a number of awards including IJL Editor’s Choice award 2011 for Overall Originality & Inspirational Craftsmanship.
Image 1
Moment earrings- silver & glass
Image 2
Descent & Time pendants
Image 3
Symbiosis bud earrings