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Amanda Hussey
MAIN PHOTO: Ocean Waves Ring. Inspired By The Sea.
I possess a City & Guilds qualification in Jewellery Manufacturing. I use upcycled, recycled, reclaimed and found materials in my designs for greater sustainability, predominantly upcycled English lead free pewter, recycled sterling silver and vintage components. I am increasingly experimenting with pewter due to its low melting point and its requirement for less heat than other metals during the design process. My designs are kept simple and minimalist and I focus on texture and natural patination to create interest. I use ancient, basic metalsmithing techniques and cold connection techniques for minimum environmental impact.
I am inspired and influenced by the natural world, the Arts & Crafts movement, industrial Art Deco design, Bauhaus, mid 20th century American modernist design, and Scandinavian design.
Image 1
Ocean Waves Pendant
Image 2
Geometric Ring. Sea Glass.
Image 3
Contemporary Textured Ring